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GU Patrol Seat Adapter Kit - **Next batch shipping late May 2022**

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$380.00 AUD
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$380.00 AUD

The GU Patrol seat adapter kit is compatible with any BA, BF, FG or FGX Falcon seat or VE Commodore seats - just select which design you prefer. You will receive custom fabricated and reinforced sliders with 5mm laser cut structural steel adapter brackets that directly interface the Ford or Holden seat (minus its rails) with the GU Patrol floor pan. Any electrics incorporated into the Ford/Holden (VE) rails are removed as part of this mod, so no wiring will be required. Our adapter kits come with everything you need to directly bolt in both front seats, right down to the last nut and bolt along with step by step instructions. Minimum seat height under the knees is the same as factory while maximum legroom is extended by a whopping 50 mm! Without the optional spacers the rear of the seat sits approximately 10 mm lower than the factory seats. If you choose to get the spacers you will be provided with shims that go between the floor of the cab and the rear mounting points for the rails raising the rear of the seat back to standard height.

No cutting, drilling, welding or grinding required for the Falcon or VE Commodore kits. These kits are 100% bolt in.

Huracan Fabrication now also sells high quality canvas seat covers in either black or light grey. RRP for this product is $199 shipped, however, if you purchase a set of seat covers with an adapter kit you will receive 10% off the covers! These are one of the best fitting and most comfortable seat covers on the market, protect your investment from mud, wear and tear! 

Please note: 

By purchasing this kit you accept all responsibility for the modification made to your car. Huracan Fabrication can only endorse this kit for off-road/private use until you have had it approved by your local roads authority or automotive engineer. Seats shown in the ad are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the sale. Seat covers will suit VF seats as well, however the head rest cover will not fit.

By purchasing this product you agree to our Terms and Conditions.