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Huracan Fabrication

Hilux Tailgate Storage

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$535.50 AUD
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$535.50 AUD

The Hilux tailgate has a capacity for a large amount of storage. Despite all the space available in modern utes, there often isn't any great location for small kit that that you dont want just floating around your tub such as 4wd recovery equipment and first aid gear.

Fully lockable, it comes with gas struts to keep the lid steady when open and a carpeted interior. Once installed, this tailgate is easily as strong as the factory tailgate.

This mod requires access to an angle grinder, metal file, drill, basic hand tools and a little DIY knowledge. Some of the original tailgate must be removed in order to fit this storage compartment. If you would prefer to have your tailgate storage unit professionally fitted you can check out our list of fitting sites by clicking here.

Optional tailgate lid protector sheet - This sheet is made from highly durable polycarbonate chopping board material and comes pre-applied to the lid of your tailgate. Selecting this option is highly recommended if you regularly use your tailgate to drag heavy items in and out of the tub, if you like to sit on the tailgate or if you use it as a preparation area when camping. The protector sheet is replaceable like a screen protector for your phone, so can be renewed after heavy use to have your tailgate looking as good as new!

**Important note regarding the relocation bracket (N80 SR5 Only)**

We have a relocation bracket available that suits Grunt, HSP or factory central locking. If you have any of these, please select yes to the relocation bracket as it is required for installation of the storage unit.

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